Can I perform music from The Suite For The Fallen Soldier?

Yes. After the premier of the suite on Armistice Day 2016 (Friday 11th November) the sheet music will be available for download from this site.



icon32Where can I buy the sheet music for my choir to perform?

The sheet music is only available to purchase from this website.


icon32Can I just buy one of the pieces rather than the whole suite?

Yes.  The suite will be available either in full – which will include Kathy Gee’s prose and letters – or each piece separately.


icon32Where can I hear more of the composers music?

To hear more of Phil Mountford’s film music visit www.philmountford.com.

To hear more of his classical music with his Award Winning crossover ensemble, Fordante, visit www.fordante.com.


icon32How do I commission the composer to write for my choir?

If you are interested in the Phil Mountford writing for your choir or ensemble then the easiest way is to make contact directly via the Contacts page.


icon32Who wrote the text/lyrics for the music?

All of the sung words were either written by the composer or taken from existing text’s such as the Requiem Mass or Psalm 23.  The letters and prose were written by Kathy Gee.