liberameOriginally called ‘The Shelling‘, the ninth piece of music from the suite is almost complete and has been renamed ‘Libera Me‘ as the text taken from the Requiem Mass is used throughout the music.  Possibly of interest is that a couple of film score writing methods have been borrowed and used in this piece.

By far the most fast paced of the suite, this piece undertakes to encapsulate the anxiety and drama of moving into war.  One of the ways this is achieved is by the use of 7/4 time signature which is a technique borrowed from film score writing as this a tension builder (often heard in action or chase sequences); in part due to the listener is so used to hearing multiples of 4 beats and anticipating an 8th beat that is curtailed, putting the listener slightly on edge. Another technique often used in movie scores is the inclusion of an ostinato (repeated) rhythm which in some ways helps to offset the uneasiness generated by the time signature by creating some stability caused by the iterations.

I’m also looking forwards to hearing how the choirs interpret the use of the musical ‘fx’, notated to simulate some of the sounds of war.